Top 10 JoJo Bizarre Adventure's Epic Moments

Jojo Bizarre Adventure has remained relevant for years. The fanbase is grown and the JoJo Bizarre Adventure memes - Oh My God. The whole internet is losing its mind. Hence, the anime won't go irrelevant for a long time.

In the midst of this quarantine, everyone is losing their mind. We got to see Golden Wind's anime adaptation and now everyone is waiting for the stone ocean to make its debut in anime. But something popped into my mind. Why not make a compilation of the Top 10 Jojo Bizarre Adventure's Epic Moments. The list will include Jojo Bizarre Adventure's seasons that have an anime adaptation.

So sit back and relax - enjoy the epic top 10 ten list. Maybe grab some popcorn?

Jonathan Joestar vs Dio Brando (First Fight) Jonathan Joestar vs Dio Brando

In the first JoJo Bizarre Adventure season where the whole thing happened, we get to see the first epic moment of all time. Jonathan is known for keeping composure and having an over the top calm attitude. However,  Dio was constantly jealous and pissed at Jonathan. A lot happened.

He burned his dog alive and most importantly, DIO KISSES ERINA! (JoJo's Girlfriend). This put Jonathan's life into shambles and he soon realizes that there's no way he's going to be the good guy anymore.

We are talking about one of the best (my personal fav) Jojo Bizarre Adventure Seasons here. Back to the subject in hand, after finding out what Dio was doing sneakily, this epic moment starts when Jonathan runs into the Joestar mansion and starts beating Dio like a real fighter.

And GODDAMN - the intensity. He wouldn't let Dio alone. Everyone got quite surprised to see such a pure soul beating a devil effortlessly and ruthlessly. This was the moment where their beef started to fire up even more. From that moment forward, all the vampire stuff happened.

Therefore, considering all the plus points this fight had, it's one of our most favorite Jojo Bizarre Adventure episodes of all time.

Steely Dan gets destroyed by Jotaro

Steely Dan gets destroyed by Jotaro

In this episode of Stardust Crusaders' timeline, Steely Dan made his debut for a little time. However, he did the best he could to humiliate Jotaro. The outcome? Well, PAINFUL! Who knew this genius henchman of Dio would actually take Joseph as his hostage.

Jotaro totally fell for it and Dan made him work - a LOT! He humiliated Jotaro where he could. Made him steal stuff and then blame him for stealing. Steely was blinded by revenge. Therefore, he even blamed a child to save his own butt.

So what happened? His luck ran out. What was the outcome? ORA ORA ORA ORA.

You wouldn't believe how painful Jotaro did him. For a mere 30 seconds, you say? This was the longest 30 second moment Steely Dan had in his life. We personally loved every second of it though. This made us realize how ruthless Jotaro is compared to his ancestors.

Stardust Crusaders was one of the most exciting Jojo Bizarre adventure seasons out there. Don't be a part skipper, watch it!

Rest in Peace, Shigechi

Rest in Peace, Shigechi JoJo Anime

I know, I know, this might not be the most epic moment but it gave us a rough idea about the mindset of Kira. At first, Kira seemed a man of culture. He was calm and composed. A very successful person. However, as the season continued, his character developed into a monster.

Who remembers his hand collecting fetish? Well, back to the topic, Shigechi's death was somewhat of an epic moment for most people. Though he died a very mediocre and fearsome death, it was worth noting that Shigechi's character had developed a lot in a short time.

From not sharing to sharing and caring, he went fully developed in terms of characters and powers. He also helped in finding clues about different enemies throughout the series and helped the same importance some other members of the DiU gang did.

However, one sad day, he stole a sandwich that he found against a tree. And unfortunately, it belonged to Kira. What's the first thing you think of when we talk about Kira. HANDS. The bag had the hand of a young beautiful woman.

Kira became furious. He found out that Shigechi caused this ruckus and turned the school door knob into a bomb. And as soon as Shigechi touched the knob, BOOM. Rest in peace. Using his overpowered stand, Kira got rid of the evidence - Shigechi.

This was one of the saddest Jojo Bizarre Adventure episodes.

Giorno Kills Polpo

Giorno Kills Polpo JJBA Anime

Giorno is the son of DIO. However, considering the circumstances he went through, he didn't display hatred or evilness like his father. And the fact that he had to go through Polpo's test to enter Passione, he saw Polpo's stand killing an innocent old man. He just couldn't hold back his anger and just wanted to get rid of Polpo.

In Gionro's pure eyes, murder was the case. Justice must be served. He made up his mind. By killing Polpo, his satisfaction with justice would be solved. Here's what he came up with. Giorno sneakily transformed Polpo's banana into a gun. And here's what Giorno said:

"When someone insults you, even murder is forgivable? You insulted that old man’s life, so you should savor your last meal as best you can"

That moment onwards, Polpo opened the banana but it was too late to stop. It turned into a gun and his life was - over. Even though he stands, Black Sabbath tries to save him. However, it was too late and we saw blood all over the place too.

This was one of the most epic Jojo Bizarre Adventure episodes of all time.

Your Next Line is - Joseph Joestar

Your Next Line is - Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar looks a little naive and cocky. A lot of people love him while others hate him. I personally loved his character and development throughout the series. He is one of the most developed characters in any Jojo Bizarre Adventure season we have to seem.

However, in the Battle Tendency part, we have seen him doing something pretty "Bizarre". By predicting the next line of his opponent, he would surprise them. Even though this trick was probably the weakest and stupidest thing to fight with his enemies, Joseph made the most powerful characters surprised and left their brains into shambles.

But most surprisingly enough, getting enemies caught off guard is his specialty. Every time he predicted the next line, Joseph, my man, was always right.

It was rather scary to see what a guy with Hamon had up in his sleeves.

This JOJO Bizarre Adventure timeline was probably the most fun and scary at the same time.

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Jonathan vs Speedwagon - The Epic Clash

Jonathan vs Speedwagon - The Epic Clash

This epic clash was the building block of JoJo Bizarre Adventure's story. At first, Speedwagon was considered as a villain. As Dio drugged Jojo's father, Jonathan goes to London to find a cure for his father. This was the time when Jonathan met Speedwagon.

In the midst of finding a cure for George, Johnathon is ambushed by the mighty Speedwagon gang. Speedwagon was the leader of that gang and had some skilled fighters in his team. The fight was rather short but this was probably the biggest character development Jonathan had in that Jojo Bizarre Adventure's timeline.

While fighting for his life, he doesn't kill anyone. He just knocks them down to keep them alive but not moving. Even at his deepest darkest times, he still didn't stray from his pure heart. This was the fight that told us what pure character Jonathan had. Having such a beautiful character, Speedwagon became his fan.

From that moment onward, Wagon-Kun decided to serve Jonathan for life - swearing his loyalty to him. This is another epic moment in the history of JJBA as it served the base of the whole timeline.

Boss vs Bucciarati

Boss vs Bucciarati JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime

The whole golden wind arc has everyone shiver in fear and curiosity. No one knew who the boss was. His powers - unknown. His face - unknown. Everything was a mystery for the boss. His most fearful fight starts when he sees Trish getting taken ruthlessly by his boss. His conscience comes out. BUcciarati decided to screw everything off and fight for Trish to bring her back.

Therefore, the boss also decided to show his stand to the most capable character there was. This was the first time we got to see the time skipping the ability of King Crimson. The ability was explained pretty soundly in the anime and it was fearsome.

What I've personally noticed is that the most powerful characters in JJBA have the power related to time. Consider the example of Dio, Jotaro, Kira, Boss, and PUCCI in the manga. Back to the fight. Bucciarati tries his best to outsmart the boss but in the end - DO YOU WANT A DONUT? He goes down with a big hole in his chest. I know that's the Jojo Bizarre Adventure timeline's tradition. Happened with many characters so I won't go deep into spoiling content.

King Crimson isn't the most well-known stand of all time but the power was epic and fearsome.

The End of Yoshikage Kira

The End of Yoshikage Kira JJBA 

Man, after waiting for an eternity, Kira finally dies. Just imagine having to watch the same thing over and over again. How he literally mentally tortures Hayato. How Hayato has to go through hell every day just to tell someone to listen to him.

I was having a BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN while watching the last episode and it finally happened. To the sound of an ambulance, we got to say farewell to Yoshikage Kira. Jotaro did an excellent job of giving all he's got into that moment. He really Ora Ora-ed Kira's face making a living hell out of his face.

And in the end, I thought, "Remi would be so glad". Which she was considering Kira had to meet the same fate as her.

Kira was by far my most favorite villain in any Jojo Bizarre Adventure seasons I've seen. A beautiful role as a villain was portrayed in an exciting and never-ending manner.

Joseph's Funeral

Joseph's Funeral

At the end of the Battle Tendency arc, everyone thought that Joseph died. To be honest, I was surprised. At that point, I thought that every JoJo would meet death at a very young age. To my surprise, I was totally wrong.

Joseph probably lived the longest of all JoJos. You just got to give him a thumbs up for being so unpredictable that death itself can't comprehend. Just when his funeral was happening, everyone was crying, sobbing, sad in fear, he came back unharmed.

Like WOW. how can a guy cheat death itself (like he cheated his wife)? But leave it to the man for being the most unpredictable character of the Jojo Bizarre Adventure's timeline. The result of this confusion was due to his new wifey who failed to tell everyone that he was alive.

Joseph was in love. What a beautiful thing to see.

Torture Dance

Torture Dance - Vento Aureo

Who can forget the epic Torture Dance?

Mommy Bucciarati and his gang beat the hell out of Zucchero and give him a hard time to gain information. However, he is totally ready for any sort of torture. To his surprise, the gang's method is a little too - FLASHY!.

Mista tortured him by tugging his eyes with a fish rod. Bucciarati puts a zipper on his mouth. His eyes were burning and he had to see them dancing to something funky played by Narancia. This was another epic moment where the gang seemed chill - not knowing what was coming to them.

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After compiling the list of our top 10 Jojo bizarre adventure moments, we can see how awesome of an anime Araki made. There are times when you do not know what's going to happen. And there are times when you know what's going to happen but the exact opposite just happens.

Jojo Bizarre Adventure is a masterpiece that literally everyone should watch.

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