My Adventures with Superman: “More Things in Heaven And Earth” Episode Recap

Jor-El hologram and Superrman

Last Season on My Adventures with Superman – Clark Kent begins working at the Daily Planet alongside his best friend Jimmy Olsen. His attempts at remaining a mild-mannered normal man are thwarted when he must don a costume and save the city of Metropolis. Along with Lois Lane, the Trio get embroiled in many adventures until Lois finds out that Clark is Superman. Jimmy had known for some time before that. Superman is also on the radar of the mysterious General. The season ended with Superman defeating a super powered Parasite and then confronting the General, who was revealed to be Lois’ father, Sam Lane. Lane fails to kill Superman, so Amanda Waller takes his place while Jimmy sells his Flamebird social media account to the Daily Planet and becomes rich.

The season begins with Superman flying through Metropolis above a cheering crowd. He returns to the Kent Farm in Smallville and ends up chasing his younger self through a field to the site where his ship was buried. He confronts his parents, Lois, and Jimmy and wonders about his humanity before Clark Kent wakes up.

Perry White, Lois Lane, Clark Kent, and Jimmy Olsen in My Adventures with SupermanLois Lane also wakes up, but at the Daily Planet. Clark has been leaving her notes while her calls to her father don’t go through. Jimmy gives everyone expensive Valentine’s Day cards, as he is now worth $5,334,008 and is one of the bosses at the Planet. Clark has made Valentine’s Day plans with Lois, but no one at the Planet think his plans are all that spectacular. Before Clark can get any useful advice, Petty White announces that Valentine’s Day is canceled. Vicki Vale at the Gotham Gazette had been scooping the Daily Planet, and Perry demands they beat her to a story. Fortunately, Lois has a contact at STAR Labs and can get them info on a meteoroid.

Clark, Lois, and Jimmy go to STAR Labs, which has acquired the AMAZO tech space ship. The scientist who built Ivo’s ship is unable to get a job at STAR Labs. Jimmy gives him a pep talk and encourages him to find his own path. The scientist introduces himself as “Alex” before he is cut off and Jimmy makes his exit.

Lois’ contact is her ex-boyfriend Hank Henshaw, who explains that the meteoroid had erratic patterns. Clark recognizes it as his ship and realizes that his dream may in fact be a vision. He worries about the danger of the ship creating another portal and wants to go to its landing site in Antarctica. Lois quickly reminds Clark that he will need her to keep kryptonite away. Jimmy rents them a plane, bumping his net worth down to $4,530,005.

The Trio arrive in Antarctica, but Clark is quickly separated from Lois and Jimmy when he chases an image of Jor-El. Clark ends up inside the ship while Lois and Jimmy see damage to the ship and enter through it. Clark gets answers from the Jor-El hologram while the ship forms defense robots that chase Lois and Jimmy.

Jor-El reveals to Clark that he’s a hologram and it took a while for his program to Jor-El and Clark Kent in My Adventures with Supermantranslate English. Clark was frustrated at not being able to understand all this, but the Jor-El hologram points out he did bury the ship and didn’t attempt to reach out for ten years. Their time is short, however, as kryptonite is eating through the ship. Its program is using too much energy trying to protect itself and make repairs. Jor-El gives a quick explanation of what happened to Krypton and beams images into Clark’s head. Their empire spread throughout the galaxy until they found an enemy they couldn’t defeat, and war broke out. As Krypton was being destroyed, Jor-El and Lara were able to send baby Kal-El away to Earth. Clark also learns that Jor-El’s brother Zor-El was able to get his infant daughter Kara off Krypton too.

There were some interesting bits here. Jor-El believed the Kryptonian Empire was spreading “like a disease”. Unmanned Kryptonian technology is dangerous because its running on instructions that tell it to conquer. Jor-El also reveals their ships are run by a Brainiac system. This plants the seeds for a lot of future plots, as Superman may end up having to protect the Earth and other planets from the only lasting legacy of Krypton, that of conquerors. There’s also more to the destruction of Krypton than we learn here.

Lois and Jimmy manage to hide from the ship’s defenses and learn that they aren’t the only ones who made it inside. Amanda Waller, now the new General, along with Slade and Damage, plunder the ship’s technology. Lois overhears that they have her father in custody.

Jor-El shows Clark Kent Brainiac symbolClark learns that Lois and Jimmy are in trouble. Jor-El scolds him for bringing his mate somewhere dangerous and tells him he will have to make up for it with a romantic gesture. The idea that it’s Valentine’s Day and Clark and Lois are unprepared comes up a lot in the episode, and it’s pretty funny. Even Lois has forgotten what day it is and needs to be reminded by Jimmy. Clark and Lois officially became a couple last season, but things are difficult for them because Clark is still struggling to be human and Lois is worried about her father.

Clark changes into Superman to rescue Jimmy and Lois. He ends up fighting Damage, who has cybernetic enhancements that enlarge his body and give him super strength. The fight brings everyone into a room of kryptonite, which Waller discovers can hurt Superman. Lois and Jimmy seal the kryptonite away. Superman finds his strength, but it’s the Jor-El hologram who saves the day. He takes control of the ship and banishes everyone.

Jimmy realizes he needs to post on Flamebird, so he takes the plane back to Metropolis while Lois waits for Superman. The ship had taken too much damage from the kryptonite, so Superman has to say his final goodbyes to the Jor-El hologram. Jor-El tells him of another communications beacon he can use to find Kara. He then tells Superman he became more than he could have hoped for and calls him Clark, asking for forgiveness as he fades away. Despite Superman’s fears that he came from a race of evil aliens, he is assured now that Jor-El was a good man and cared for him. Jor-El had also been calling him “Filo”, which seems to be a sign of affection.

Paying off the Valentine’s Day subplot, Superman and Lois finally have their heart to heart Superman and Lois in My Adventures with Supermanin front of the Aurora Borealis. Superman worries about not being human while Lois worries about being too human for him. Superman doesn’t get the chance to mention Kara because Lois quickly him to rescue her father from Waller’s clutches.

Things are looking to be stacked against Superman and his allies. Waller has learned about Superman’s weakness, and Slade’s sword has gained some kryptonite properties. Elsewhere, runaway Kryptonian technology is off invading other worlds. On top of needing to find Kara, Superman is going to be busy this season.

Alex with Jimmy Olson in My Adventures with SupermanThere are a few other interesting things to consider about this episode. The “Alex” who Jimmy met in STAR Labs wears a purple/green/black color scheme. This seems to be strongly hinting that Alex is the show’s version of Superman’s archenemy, Lex Luthor. In addition to the appearance of Lex Luthor, Lois’ ex Hank Henshaw is the Cyborg Superman of the comics. Jimmy’s net worth was shown twice. Him being a millionaire is an important status upgrade for him, but given that he lost $804,003 during the episode, he might not stay a millionaire. Part of Clark’s Valentine’s Day plans for Lois was reading her a poem he wrote. The first words, “Can you read my mind?”, are a reference to the love song from the 1978 Superman movie. Although in that case, it was from Lois’ perspective, as she was wondering about Superman. Last season’s end credits were accompanied by scenes through snapshots of pictures Jimmy took. The end credits of this episode, however, began in space then zoomed in on Earth, Metropolis, and finally on Clark, Lois, and Jimmy enjoying Chinese food on the roof of the Daily Planet.

The title, “More Things in Heaven And Earth”, comes from Act I Scene V of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The events of Hamlet are kicked off by the young Prince seeing his father’s ghost and realizing he needs to right his family’s wrongs. The Jor-El hologram does identify itself as a “ghost”, and Superman is going to have to clean up the mess Krypton made across other planets.

My Adventures with Superman airs on Saturday night at midnight on Cartoon Network’s Toonami and is available to stream on Max the next day.

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