Suck Face – “Golden Eye” (feat. Volunteer Department)

Nashville-based acts Suck Face and Volunteer Department compel on new single “Golden Eye,” whose penchant for nostalgia is apparent in both the track title and overall thematic drive. Childhood memories, like playing Goldeneye on Nintendo 64, intertwine with more timely explorations of longing and human connection. The steady vocal work and clanging guitar suaveness conjures a sound that spans from grungy throwback allure and Interpol-esque modern post-punk and alt-rock cohesion.

“Chase the great white light,” a particularly infectious sequence begins, culminating in an ardent final minute — with the “hanging as a kid,” reflections lending a comforting nostalgia within more serious social analysis, such as inner turmoil and a “reaching for the bottle,” temptation.

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