"He'd change the subject, make a joke and then we'd both laugh": Prince's sister reveals their final conversation

Tyka Nelson has detailed the final conversation she shared with her brother Prince, who died on April 21 in 2016 at the age of 57 after accidentally overdosing on fentanyl. 

Nelson, who was Prince’s only full sibling out of their five half brothers and sisters, revealed the personal moment during a new interview with Star Tribune, explaining how she was last in her brother's company just two days after his hospitalisation that year.

At the time, the guitar legend had just cancelled his Piano & A Microphone Tour due to illness, following his final show on February 14. 

During his flight back to Minnesota in his private jet the next morning, Prince became unresponsive, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois. Prince was then hospitalised and administered naloxone – a drug used to reverse a narcotic overdose. 

Prince shortly left the hospital after becoming conscious, ignoring medical advice and returning to Paisley Park, his estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Upon visiting Prince at his home, Nelson details how most of their conversation consisted of her brother dodging questions about his health. 

Not aware of his medical issues at the time, although noticing after a hug that he had lost weight, she recalls: “A couple of times I said, ‘How are you really? He didn’t go into anything with me. That was bothering me, and he knew it was… but that was all he wanted to tell me."

Instead, Nelson explains how the pair mostly spoke of their parents, specifically Prince's similarities to his father: “He walked like Daddy. His sense of humor was Daddy. I think he [was] built like Mom; in the middle he [was] longer.”

Revealing that their last ever conversation took place over the phone just four days prior to his death, she continues, “He kept avoiding questions. I kept getting mad. I felt like ‘talk to me for two seconds.’ He’d change the subject, make a joke and then we’d both laugh.

"He asked me could I find more information about our family. Prince wanted me to find Sharon’s number. I didn’t question it. It was like ‘send this picture to that person.’ OK. What for?”.

Nelson, who is set to retire from performing on June 8, is currently in this process of writing a memoire. She notes: “We are not there yet. We’ve got a few more chapters [to go]. It’s about me and my family."