She’s Trans #01 — Stalking is Good, Actually


If you say so.


It's hard to think of too many socially appropriate times to scream out "THAT'S MY FETISH," but that's the premise that we're running with here. She's a lesbian, but her fetish is trans girls, so this is wacky and lovable the way that she immediately and aggressively latches on and obsesses over them nonstop. It also devolves into the very cheap flash-like art style through most of the middle and every time it wants to be jokey, which is most of the episode. Which makes for an awkward juxtaposition when it occasionally thinks to itself that maybe it should point out the social stigmas of being trans and people being jackasses about it and the art style snaps back to either excessive sparklies or everything going dark.

The bipolarness is where the problems lie. It's 'hilarious' and cute and supportive to stalk someone over their gender (and stalk someone before finding that, for that matter), but at the same time, everybody else is awkward and cruel over the same. It comes across to me as less supportive and more fetishism, but that may be because of the scene literally screaming "THAT'S MY FETISH." Good when I do it, because my attention is positive, regardless of the person themself, who I might add, is another bizarre trope of anime, trapping someone in a room to scream at them that you want to be in a relationship. Maybe I went to the wrong schools, but has a relationship with anybody ever begun by trapping them in an empty classroom and being asked "Uh, who even are you?" Why does this keep happening in anime? At least have a drunken one-night stand like normal people first. God help us all when anime discovers online dating.