2.5D Seduction #01 — Softcore Porn At School


Could be worse. Could be idols.


This would be no less cringey if it was instead him sitting in a room by himself, plastered with pictures of Gordon Ramsey, watching videos of beef wellingtons while screaming at the top of his lungs. Okay, actually, watching softcore porn in a room at school that you've plastered wall to wall with it and can be heard screaming about it from the quad legitimately is probably immeasurably worse, but I think the point remains. Likewise, if you want to cosplay as porn characters, go for it. But the whole "Can you please stare at my panties and make sure that they're okay," thing? "I absolutely need to know about the underwear of every character I see," thing? We've definitely crossed more than a few lines away from even the thinnest veneer of hobbyists and well into just blueballing porn.

Both characters are obnoxious yelling idiots, and not in the lovable or having any chemistry way. She blathers about all the panty shots, and he reacts by yelling internally "SHE IS A GIRL AND IT IS UNUSUAL FOR A GIRL TO BE FOCUSED ON THE PANTY SHOTS LIKE I, A GUY, AM!" The joke gets old fast, but it will be told at least fourteen more times. Plus the standard stuff. Costume malfunction. Trip and grope. All the hits. As if the opening scene of a grandiose announcement of the sanctity of cosplay set to all shots of chests and asses wasn't clue enough.