Watch video for new Suicidal Tendencies single Nós Somos Família featuring former Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg

Suicidal Tendencies have released a new single – their first with former Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg.

A video for the Portuguese-language single, titled Nós Somos Família, can be viewed below. The title translates as We Are Family.

It features a host of collaborators, including Brazilian musicians Badauí of CPM22, B Negão of Planet Hemp, João Gordo from Ratos de Porão, Rodrigo Lima of Dead Fish, Supla, Fernanda Lira of Crypta, and Marcão Britto and Thiago Castanho from Charlie Brown Jr.

World skateboarding champions Sandro Dias and Pedro Barros also appear in the video.

Frontman Mike Muir explains the track's creation to Igor Miranda (via Blabbermouth): "We'd always talked about like doing a song with some other people. And my friends got on the phone. We got Jay in the studio, recorded a track. I said, 'Let me talk to a few people.'

"They said, 'Who would you want me to talk to?' I mentioned a few people and got everybody in the studio recording on it. And it was just a great to see everybody on FaceTime or whatever doing it, how excited everybody was, how gracious they were with their time and everything. Amazing.

"I think when it comes to music, a lot of times people talk about travel and this and that and I always say, you see the side from a hotel room or driving down the road, but when people welcome you and you can go to places and feel at home and they welcome you in their homes and you meet their families and all that, that's an amazing feeling.

"And then on the music side, for some people to be on a song that you did, that's just something that I never would have dreamed of when it first started."

Weinberg joined Slipknot in 2014 following the departure of Joey Jordison. He was unexpectedly let go in November of last year in what the band described as a "creative decision".

He was not out of work for very long, being snapped up by Suicidal Tendencies in March.

Suicidal Tendencies still a number of tour and festival dates lined up for this year.

Suicidal Tendencies tour dates 2024

Jul 07: Ruhrpott Rodeo Festival 2024, Germany
Jul 12: Sacadura 154, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jul 13: Centro Esportivo Tietê, São Paulo, Brazil
Jul 14: Tork'n Roll, Curitiba, Brazil
Jul 16: John Bull, Florianópolis, Brazil
Jul 17: Mister Rock BH, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Jul 21: New National Western Center Yards, Denver, CO, US
Jul 27: Hills Of Rock Festival 2024, Bulgaria
Aug 03: Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2024, Romania
Aug 10: Moody Center ATX, Austin, TX, US
Sep 20-22: New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, Worcester, MA, US
Sep 21-22: Riot Fest 2024, Bridgeview, IL, US